The much-heralded Chinese smoking ban, a “politically correct” move made in advance of this summer’s Olympics in Beijing, was cut back at the last minute in a bow to personal freedom.
From talk of comprehensive bans, to announcements of strictly defined segregation, the Chinese government has incrementally recognized the reality of its people’s determination to smoke. At the last moment, just a day before ban imposition, that reality took further hold.

As it turns out, bars and restaurants will be permitted to accommodate smokers and non-smokers in keeping with the needs of their clientèle rather than according to a dictated standard. A government spokesman explains: “Originally, we wanted restaurants to keep 70 percent of areas smoke-free, but owners of Chinese restaurants – both big and small – worried the plan would hurt their business. It is difficult for us to control smoking in restaurants. It’s just part of the culture.”

The fact is freedom-loving Chinese have shown just about zero tolerance for smoking bans. Those restrictions that have appeared are routinely ignored by all reports, while appetite for smoke-free restaurants is very clearly at the sub-zero level.

Another fact is that one finds greater respect for natural culture, for economic and human realities, and for the concepts of personal sovereignty and freedom of choice today, in Communist Beijing, than in the greater part of what was once called the “free world,” but which is becoming better known as the Health Reich.

Ironic, yes, and very revolting. The Chinese people have apparently had enough Cultural Revolution to keep their stomachs sick for a while. We admire their resistance. They had better keep it up.

Anti has every intention of putting every stray scrap of human dignity, from here, there, and everywhere, into the dustbin of history. That’s where you’re headed, smoker or not, if you don’t learn to respect yourself, and disrespect Healthist eugenics, right now.



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