It is a fact that the antitobacco industry feels the pressure of its opponents, although it would rather die than admit it. Many things are becoming clear — and they are now repeated from the four corners of the world, in all languages, from all cultures.
The message is beginning to travel and settle mainly thanks to the Internet, which is the only effective bypass of the mass-media which, as we know, see it as their job to spread the ideology of “smoking kills.”

The clear message echoed everywhere is this: epidemiology is trash science, epidemiology on passive smoking is an absolute scientific fraud and, as far as epidemiology on active smoking goes, nothing is scientifically proven but all is attributions based on fallacious opinions based on ideology.

This “erosion of public faith” is bad news for the ideologues at “public health” everywhere in the world; however, there is little they can do to counter it, other than beefing up propaganda and prohibition. They refuse any and all scientific debate because they have to. They just go on saying the debate is over, while producing ever more propaganda "science" to keep up the psychological and political pressure, while smoking bans are passed.

Nevertheless, the strategists of tobacco control realize that laws can be changed, and that it’s necessary to firm up their frauds into a culture of fraud, thus they are developing new tactics. They do see that their epidemiological cons are ultimately doomed in the face of better public education propelled by the relentless work of groups like ours. We are small, but growing, enough to frighten the fraudsters. In consequence they’re trying out a new tactic: drift away from epidemiology, and refer more and more to something that looks like hard science.

This piece is an example. The study itself is evidently nonsense, and we’ll track that down along the way, but here we have the popular press report, the propaganda aimed to the public, aimed to scare, the fundamental aim of such "research." Let us look closely at the all-important propaganda message as voiced by obeisant media. The media lackeys dish out the Healthist line faithfully and unquestioningly and expect you to swallow all in the very same way. Read this headline: “Scientists Track Down Smoking-Cancer Link”.

The intelligent observer would immediately say: “Hold on … wasn’t the link ‘scientifically demonstrated’ already? Didn’t that happen decades ago?" Of course it wasn’t and hasn’t been and never will be. With the public getting wise, we have here a simple attempt to reinforce the illusion, with more illusion.

The opening paragraph of the piece provides immediate ideological reassurance: “We all know smoking causes lung cancer.” HOW we know is not worth discussing, of course, because it is the (undemonstrated) core of the matter, and thus it is the part that must be taken for granted … it is scientifically demonstrated because we all know!

With that pap "established," it is said to be just a matter of finding out “which of the thousands of ingredients in cigarettes is at fault.” The "thousands of ingredients" are supposed to scare us further — and make us forget that everything that surrounds us, that we inhale or ingest, is made of "thousands of ingredients."

At this point we have to read carefully, because this is the insidious part: “In a study conducted in the laboratory, they discovered human lung airway cells exposed to either cigarette smoke or hydrogen peroxide — one of several oxidants found in cigarettes — both developed changes indicative of cancer. Airway cells not exposed to either cigarette smoke or hydrogen peroxide did not undergo the changes.”

The laboratory part is supposed to attract our attention (no epidemiology, see?…). We may ask: how much hydrogen peroxide was used? How much tobacco smoke? Were those quantities representative of plausibly real dosage, in the real world, or were they comically out of proportion as usual in such "political science"? Well, this is all bypassed here, so much for that.

We are told, interestingly enough, that cancer was not caused, but that there were changes that were “indicative” of cancer. What? How? Were the tissues simply irritated? Is that "indicative of cancer"? Huh? Well, guess as you please, there’s nothing more said. In fact, what those "indicative changes" are, or how they indicate what, probably is not known even by the researchers. The media didn’t ask. Certainly we’re not supposed to ask.

One thing that may be certain here is that someone may have taken a forward step towards a badly craved tenure at the University of California at Davis.

Be that as it may, the propaganda article wants to reassure us firstly that smoking “causes” cancer, and secondly that they are just about to discover it scientifically. You’re supposed not to notice that "secondly" betrays the falsehood of "firstly." The "experts" are afraid you’re disbelieving them, so you’re supposed to read something "new," without thinking, to confirm the "old" that you may have believed, without thinking.

You see, you’re simply not supposed to think, then you’ll believe and the "experts" can keep panic up while keeping their jobs. Yes this is crazy. It’s typically crazy. Those of us who have followed antitobacco gobbledygook for years understand as all of us can: it’s just all horse turds, folks, and the smell is plain.

The thunderous closing words of the news article, quoted from the editor of the medical journal that published this study, are intended to scare us into unquestioning acceptance: “Guns kill, bombs kill and cigarettes kill. While biologists can’t do much about the first two, studies like this will help in the fight against tobacco-related death and disease.”

An objective editorial stance? Dispassionate, cool-headed, reasoned science? Not here! No way! Believe or die! Keep on believing — and DO forget, please, that a gun or a bomb kills you now (as opposed to, perhaps, in 50 years and once out of 1,000 times and with about 1,000 alternative and interweaving influences according to epidemiology.) BELIEVE YES BELIEVE what we say because we have a laboratory in California and what’s more if you don’t believe you’re as good as blown to smithereens! That’s all you need to know!

Most of all you must ignore a reality that stands unquestionable in the storm of ideological propaganda: not even one death in the world can be scientifically demonstrated to be caused by tobacco smoking.

Oh, well, this much also is certain: we can expect more and more goofy propaganda dressed as "hard science" from now on, amidst perhaps a somewhat diminished flow of the standard epidemiological sludge.

Keep reading between the lines. There’a always plenty of comedy there. Keep wise. Keep fighting. We’ve had enough of this "scientific " trash and the trash "scientists" who spew it. We’ve had enough of their eugenics policies. We’re going to put these bastards down.



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