If we were antitobacco "experts" we would say that there is an oh-so "scientific" and indubitably "causal" link between the gun death of Texas musician Carter Albrecht and smoking cessation. He believed his doctor’s lies.

The poor chap believed too well when the doc told him that smoking would ruin his voice. He forgot that smokers like Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin and Pavarotti sang like birds up to their aged deaths because smoking does nothing to the voice: it’s just another legend. So the sad fool (who certainly also believed that he was an addict because he read it in the papers) decided to stop smoking, and what was he prescribed to "help" him quit? Chantix!

Rather than telling Albrecht that alcohol is far worse than smoking for health and the throat the good doctor prescribed a Big Drug nostrum. Alcohol, as of yet, is not openly targeted by the public health frauds, undoubtedly because Big Pharma hasn’t concocted an "alcohol cessation device" comparable to Chantix.

Be that as it may, the gullible guy got Chantix and also kept on drinking — and kept believing his doctor who manipulated him into quitting smoking.

In fact both Albrecht and his girlfriend Ryann Rathbone believed, both took Chantix, and both went rather mad, because Chantix acts on the head: " … almost immediately after starting the drug, they started having vivid, often-frightening dreams — a known side effect of the medication. ‘Nightmare kind of, hallucination kind of dreams where you don’t know if it’s real or not.’" Ryann alone survives to relate their shared experience: "On Sept. 5, Albrecht was shot to death on a peaceful street in Dallas after a neighbor said he was banging at the back door, yelling and ranting."

Raving mad. Hallucinating. Frightened and frightening.

People contnue to hallucinate that "smoking kills." They continue to be killed by Big Pharma on one hand, and by dishonest cons passing as public health oracles on the other. Stupidity and ignorance have a price — and sometimes that price is life. There are milions of smokers who are hurt by smoking cessation drugs all over the world, although irresponsible and servile mass media seldom talk about them and continue to spread the lie that smoking kills to be on the good side of their pharmaceutical advertisers. Talk about social responsibility!

According to the article, three million fools in the United States alone take Chantix. That is because they believe the lies of "public health," they naively trust in "authority" and think that "authority" wants their "good." And they try to "fit in" by behaving like the non-smoking "master race," instead of opposing segregation and hatred by continuing to smoke right in the gangsters’ faces.

That’s what you get for believing "public health."

Not even one death can be scientifically demonstrated to be caused by smoking. Put that in your head instead of antismoking drugs.

Keep on smoking — stay alive.



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