When The Times of London tells you "beware of the new nanny state" you had better believe it.

"A report by the well-respected Nuffield Council of Bioethics concludes that the Government and industry are not doing enough to prevent binge drinking or obesity and should promote healthy lifestyles through stricter measures and deterrents. … The authors, a group of doctors, lawyers, philosophers and other experts, argue that the much-maligned ‘nanny state’ should be replaced by a new, more sensitive idea of ‘stewardship.’ "

So that’s what it is. Stewardship. You thought it was something out of Orwell, something like Big Brother, or maybe you thought it was a nightmare. It’s stewardship, that’s all, that’s what will determine that "more coercive measures" are needed to keep you from drinking, that "the general ethical and scientific arguments that apply to banning smoking in enclosed public spaces also apply to banning smoking in homes," and that for those who do not abstain, "NHS [medical] treatment should be witheld." The stewards shall decide how and whether you may live. That’s nice isn’t it?

The UK Public Health Association certainly thinks eugenics is wonderful, so The Times tells us, and no surprise there, while the dubious editorial tone of this piece is a bit of a surprise. The Times has long been a Healthist propaganda mouthpiece. It could have been predicted that a "beware" from this source would not come until the Final Solution was in progress and that indeed is the case.

The British people are becoming stunningly aware of the tragedy in progress as the prevailingly horrified readers’ comments appending this article attest. The time to beware was a long time ago. The time to destroy what The Times still calls "well-respected" stewards of eugenics is now, with no delay, by any and every means necessary. In the year ahead you shall see assaults on your liberty and dignity of unprecedented scope. Our readers know the war has been on for a long time. We are going to win it. Resolve to do your part.



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