Barbecued beef main cause of L.A. smog? You betcha.

“Hamburger and other barbecued meat may be the leading cause of urban air pollution, according to scientists at California Institute of Technology. Cooking beef in the backyard grill produces dozens of compounds including hydrocarbons, furans, steroids, and pesticide residues. The smoke from meat may be “the dominant source” of the fine organic particles that pollute city air. The particulates’ small size — 2 microns or less — causes them to be more easily inhaled than other aerosols.”

This paranoid nonsense dates back to 1991 (Source: Environmental Science & Technology, June 1991; “Cholesterol: Up in Smoke: Cooking Meat Dirties the Air More Than Most People Realize,” Science News, July 27, 1991.) (links below)

One would think that the puny emissions of BBQs would have been set aside in these last 17 years, but not so. As the years go by, the paranoia grows bigger.

The Smokers’ Club ( has a long series of articles from California, the land of the health addiction, witch hunts and rampant paranoia, on the “growing concern” about passive beef. It is carcinogenic. It makes you fat. Junk scientists have “linked” (without EVER proving any causality, of course) consumption of flame-grilled meat with all sorts of ailments: breast, prostate and colon cancer; diabetes; glaucoma; heart disease; and Alzheimer’s disease.

In short, beef kills and it’s bad for your health – along with active smoking, drinking, plastic toys, preservatives, pesticides, loud music, cellular phones, infrared fields, cars, colas, printer inks, bread and acrylamide, colourants, carbon dioxide, computers, factories, nuclear plants, passive smoking, advertisement, dust, perfumes, abortion, global warming, bird feathers, baby food, vasectomy, early menopause, coffee… and literally a million other “risks” that would easily fill one hundred of these pages.

Enjoy happy, smoky BBQs this summer, abundantly washed with beer and wine, and crowned with your favourite brand of cigarettes. Life only comes once. Stupidity is eternal.



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