It is difficult to find new words to describe the insanity that is going on just about everything – and England seems to be on the forefront of that, at times overtaking even California.

We and many others are facing a crisis: that of definitions. From insane to criminal to petty to fraud to stupid to illogical (and much more) we’ve seen them all. Yet reality today manages to overtake imagination all the time, along with the number of definitions available.

Try this story on for size.

“A grandfather was left humiliated after being handed a £60 litter fine when his cigarette was knocked out of his hand as he walked past a scuffle between police and shoplifters. Lazaris Michael, 76, had taken a single puff before his smoke was sent flying as officers apprehended two girls who were trying to flee a branch of Boots. But the pensioner did not have time to bend down and pick it up before a council warden pounced on him and hit him the fixed penalty for littering in front of a large crowd.”

Is that sheer stupidity, or just an excuse for hatred against smokers? We know that “public health” is very busy instigating hatred along with false information; but this case does not seem to be one of hatred, but rather sheer mindlessness and hysteria. The scary part is that the mentally retarded politicians who wrote and enforce those laws are proud of what they are doing!

Read this: “’Thanet Council’s campaign warns people the council will take a zero tolerance approach to anyone who drops litter, including cigarette butts and chewing gum. ‘If spotted, no excuses will be accepted. You will be handed a fine.’”

Those turds are forgetting that they are paid by the people they warn, thus they are the people’s servants (not the other way around) and that you don’t serve people by oppressing them. No excuses – quite literally, as in no intelligence whatsoever; just like a brainless, idiotic machine. The police hit you and an object falls from your hands? There you go: you are in violation, here is the ticket, we steal your money, we have written laws to fit and we have the guns to take it. How much simpler can it get?…

But as long as the victims let this hybrid between thieves and mentally retarded individuals are allowed it will get ever worse. Don’t you just feel like collecting pounds of butts in a container and then empty it in the street when they are not watching (and behind the surveillance camera)? If you do not, you should.

And, please, don’t say that it would be “uncivilized”: it is what they are doing to people such as Lazaris Michael that is uncivilized. Actually, barbarian would be a better word. And the barbarians can take their sterile world and just shove it.



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