Some of the Tobacco Control ideologues see prohibition of tobacco as the only logical way out of the millions of tobacco-related deaths that cannot be proven to be caused by smoking. We have seen, even in Europe, Nazi calls for the prohibition of tobacco.

All those people look at Bhutan, which has made tobacco illegal, as an example of what to do to put an end to the epidemic that does not exist. However, it has been a long time since we have heard about this “guiding star”, this tiny nation that is ahead of all of us on the progressive road to darkness and fraud-based totalitarianism: Tobacco Control and its mass-media servants are silent. There must be a reason for that, we said to ourselves here at FORCES. When the health Nazis don’t talk about a program or initiative it’s because it does not work and they cannot use it for propaganda”.

We were correct once again. A FORCES reader has stumbled on this forum written by Bhutan people one year ago. In their broken English, they explain to us that prohibition has failed. Here are some teasers (we have not corrected the grammar and spelling errors):

“Bhutan is one of the First country to banned the sales of Tobacco. After banning tobacco in country, Now there are lots of tobacco illigal seller in almost all the district of our country. … I feel, it is best to lift the ban so that there won’t be no more illigal dealers on Tobacco in our country. Let’s make Bhutan Beautiful with all the colours in it. It is my feeling, I am not a smoker.”

“Well done guys that you have put up a good point but in this forum, there is no place for such stuffs…No people from authorized body will take any action though you put up this kinds of complaint. Why don’t you guys write directly to Police or to MTI. Oh, I know that there won’t be any action from them too, because I have come to notice that they say that behind the dress of Police, there lies a Man, who also wants to smoke and do all the things that other does. Well, Its not new to all, but Its been observed that many police, they smoke in their uniform only.”

“I agree. Bhutan has earned honour of being the first nation to ban smoking. The only good this has resulted is that some law-breakers are minting money. If MTI and police cannot do anything, then simply lift the ban. This will at least stop the black market where prices charged are very very high.”

“The banned of all types of tobacco product has become a real joke and a business opportunity to the businessman under the ground.”

It should be noted that flouting this "law" in that country means 25 years in prison. Prohibition and false information do not work in the long run – no matter what the penalty is. Harsh penalties for breaking unjust laws only foster more rootless approaches by those who are their victims – the way it should be. And it is the duty of every person who values liberty to make prohibition fail – once again.

Well done, Bhutan – actually… well done, Bhutanese smokers!



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