Our crazy Anti keeps roaming far and wide, swinging her overweighted pocketbook, bashing truth and civility everywhere she goes. The Centers for Disease Control is doling out more millions "to expand the science of tobacco control". Did you know that "control" was a "science"? Of course, every lie Healthists speak, is "scientific fact." Every perversion of society they seek is "endorsed by scientific authority." The science of control is really nothing new. Recall the remark Hitler’s deputy Rudolf Hess made in 1934: "National Socialism is nothing but applied biology."

Oh, so scientifically, the millions will be spent to "build capacity in communities by recruiting individuals and organizations to facilitate learning and information sharing across and within network participants." Joseph Göbbels would have admired this brand of learning and information sharing. He would have admired the propaganda budget of antitobacco, too, of which the CDC millions described in the linked article are but an atom. Anti has a very big pocketbook. We have a valuable item called truth.



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