It’s time for some New Year’s resolutions. If you have none of your own check with City Hall for guidance.

Declaring his city just too damn fat, Oklahoma City’s mayor wants to put the residents on a diet. His goal is one million pounds shed in a collective effort to straighten up and eat right. At a pep rally the mayor laid it all on the line:

The message of this obesity initiative is that we’ve got to watch what we eat. Exercise is part of it and the city is trying to change into a city that is less sprawling, has more density and is more pedestrian friendly, but you’re not really going to take on obesity unless [we] acknowledge that we eat too much and don’t eat the right foods.

Another message residents might hear is a crafty feint deflecting attention from Oklahoma City’s actual problems to the useless crusade to impose a therapeutic state upon people who really wish government would leave them alone. Say what you will about the intangible, and generally unproven assertions regarding "bad" lifestyle choices, such as eating, drinking, and smoking. From the politicians’ point of view, focusing on the issues important to an ever-expanding Public Health octopus sure makes life easier, by allowing them to postpone real problem solving as they waste time and money whipping people into shape, while awarding themselves credit as "health heroes" who "save lives." Voters who know better must express themselves.



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