Right wingers in America saw Muslim imperialism in news from France about banning wine promotion from the Internet. We see something far more concrete and truly dangerous to the liberty of the citizens of France. Visions of the burka replacing the chic designs on the Paris runways is good for a laugh but the actual, brutal imposition of the noxious ideology of public health is no joke. As the article states quite clearly, although at the end of this short story, it is the "health" lobby that has pushed for and apparently obtained prohibition of alcohol, including the famous French wines, from the Internet.

France is currently one of three countries that block online alcohol promotion to their citizens. That makes even the satirical video "The Future of Drinking" on our Multimedia Portal is already obsolete; in these times the horrible reality seems to overtake even wild fantasy quite frequently. Two are nations that can truthfully be described as Muslim states. The reason for the censorship in France also is due to religious fervor; the secular religion of health.

The tenets of the healthist cult believe that surfing the Internet for information on French wine will lead to binge drinking, underage alcohol consumption and alcohol-related diseases. All the pathologies, in fact, that didn’t exist in freer eras when government assumed responsible citizens had the brains and moral fortitude to make their own decisions about whether to smoke or not, whether to drink or not. In this era where government assumes the role of a censorious parent from hell, a link to Courvoisier cognac is one short step from the gutter.

Like all the atrocious ideas burbling up from the swamp of Big Health the French censorship will duly make its way into the vast array of rules and regulations that are transforming European Union members from diverse, vibrant nations into the grim, gray "safe and healthy" ant hill that is perfection according to the zealots that have seized public health. It matters not one whit to the health freaks that their policies not only denigrate the national culture but also impoverish the very people they claim to want to save.



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