The Pfizer Company, hoping to avert lawsuits, is increasing the prominence of warnings that using its drug Chantix to quit smoking may lead to psychosis and suicide.
A number of "smoking cessation" nostrums have grave side effects. They also do not help anyone quit smoking. If you want to do that, the best way is to make a determination, cut down over a period of time if that suits you (it does many), and stop. Simply don’t be defeatist and don’t let Anti make you hysterical.

Tobacco is exquisitely pleasurable and for some becomes a sturdy habit. On the other hand, nicotine is a very mild "drug," hardly deserving of the name, far less "intoxicating" than caffeine, and "addictive" only in the most contrived sense. Uncountable hordes of smokers worldwide have given up tobacco strictly on their own. In the US, for example, the number of smokers and ex-smokers is about the same.

Many today keep smoking for the very reason that anti-smoking has become an appalling menace to decent society. Recognize that, and decide your own habits for yourself, the very sort of decision-making anti-smoking wants to rob from us all.

Whatever you do personally, don’t waste money on worthless and often dangerous (immediately and strikingly so) Big Pharma snake oil, never ever believe a word anti-smokers say, and by all means keep fighting to eradicate their fraudulent and fascistic movement.

Big Pharma will keep funding anti-smoking fascism, and keep pushing dangerous drugs, regardless of anything. They will keep foisting their Chantix and the other hazardous products. If they goad smokers into various physical disorders, or psychosis, neurological fits, violence and suicide, they really do not care.

Big Pharmas’s motivations are profit and power. The motivations of their Healthist soldiers are likewise money and power, but most compellingly, sadistic domination. The anti-smoking cartel wants to humiliate people who smoke. It wants to eradicate people who smoke. How doesn’t much matter. Smokers’ suicides resulting from adherence to Healthist prescriptions are, to the Healthist view, just desserts, and a great big laugh.



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