Novartis and Pfizer have recently opened their wallets once again to pay off their Smokerfree Partnership salesmen and marionettes to find the way to suppress contraband and increase cigarettes taxation, thus ensuring more and more control of the nicotine market, worth billions of dollars, to the pharmaceutical multinationals.

The European Commission marionettes were present, of course, to take de facto orders on how to facilitate the pharmaceutical marketing at the governmental and bureaucratic level, confirming once again that Tobecco Control is using public money to further private commercial interests.

Let it be clear that such prostitution is not corruption but “education”. Education in what, other than in public fraud and corruption, is not at all clear, but you should not even wonder about that: it’s for your health!… We link to the appropriate Smokefree Partnership web page. Please pay attention to the false information and epidemiologic frauds scrolling on the left of the page.



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