This rare footage by comedian Bill Hicks was never released to the media. When you watch it you will understand why.

You will find commercial and online videos featuring comic Bill Hicks available from numerous sources, but not this, except here, and here’s why. In this bit Hicks mocks the narcissism and bigotry of the anti-smoking mentality, the idiotic superstitions of immortality and angelic superiority anti-smokers apply to themselves, and the reptilian hatred they display in their social policy (and actual) mob attacks on smoking heretics.

Smoking on-stage, Hicks challenges all non-smokers’ perceptions, but zeroes in on institutional fraud, Healthist propaganda, and the transparent viciousness of contemporary anti-smoking. Little wonder mainstream media outlets have censored this routine. Their own responsibility in fostering anti-tobacco fanaticism is specifically underlined in Hicks’s routine. Sensationalistic reporting and general touting of Healthist ideology in line with big advertiser Big Pharma defines the media giants’ protocol which naturally cannot allow for the likes of satirist Bill Hicks.



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