Smokers find bargains and Anti gets what she bargained for. You’ll find some conventional antitobacco hysteria in accounts linked with below. Some of this “investigative journalism” was in fact financed by Anti agencies as you may note in the video clip’s credits.

Nevertheless you’ll also find cause for some satisfaction and lots of laughs here. The more Anti beats on the conventional tobacco product manufacturers, and on smokers, the more she assists the black market.

Bargain hunters come out on top. If you are foolish enough to pay ten times the real product price for cigarettes at convenience stores you may be buying bootleg anyway: the store owner may have wised up quicker than you have.

The Chinese now corner a worldwide market in counterfeited famous brand cigarettes. The Chinese knock-offs aren’t only available to retailers. Ask around, and you’ll find these, as well as locally made bootlegs and genuine famous name products smuggled across borders, available at reasonable prices all over these days.

Of course this was inevitable. Anti and her greedy friends in government made it inevitable. People are not fools. People have been smoking for centuries. They will not tolerate tyrants and thieves.

Keep smoking if you wanna and accept no abuse of any kind from your nauseous government. That government has sworn itself your enemy. Give unto Caesar what Caesar’s got coming: a kick in the ass.

Article regarding counterfeits [stored]


Article regarding rampant bootlegging [stored]

Article regarding smuggling [stored]

Article regarding failure to learn (from 1951) [stored]



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