Antismoking gangster and Big Pharmaceutical mafia collaborator Michael Bloomberg, AKA the mayor of New York City, is suing Indian reservations for selling cigarettes at a honest price, thus depriving the state from the tax loot.

Armed with a face second to none (and truly worthy of the stinkiest antismoking manure), Bloomberg states: "Selling these untaxed cigarettes to the public is a clear violation of the law, with real costs to the people of New York City".

Hold on. A pack of cigarettes is worth no more than 50 cents. Every New York smoker can testify to the absurd price that he pays for smokes. But the “real cost” to the smoker is irrelevant to a pirate like Bloomberg, representative of a parasitic mentality that permits the state and anti-tobacco to loot smokers.

Health Nazi pig and pharmaceutical collabo Michael Bloomber shows his true colours once again

Just read the arrogant gall of this parasite: "The governor should go to the reservations and say, ‘As of tomorrow morning, stop this practice,’" Bloomberg said. "And if it requires law enforcement, that’s what the governor has the state police for, to enforce the law."

In other words, “We will plunder you with guns and violence, and violate territorial rights and our own laws”.

“The issue has long been one of Albany’s most difficult. Tribes held violent protests in 1995 when the state tried to collect the tax on sovereign land using state police. Conflict with state police briefly closed the Thruway, leaving some of it scorched by protesters burning tires.”

Good. Well done. It will have to be done again. The time to have it out with the antismoking bastards is growing everywhere in the world, anyway. Let’s build up the numbers. Defeating antismoking manure with whatever it takes and impart the punishment that it deserves cannot be one moment too soon.

Lose no faith, the time will come. It is inevitable because manure – like snow – cannot stop rolling down the hill of its own demise.

Happy Indian smoking!



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