Ten Years from now they must close their doors or apply for another 10 year exemption. Ten years is a long time and the winds of change will sweep through Boston by that time, clearing the air and eliminating the stink of unelected health departments who speak not for the people but kowtow to the special interests and their money. That’s UNELECTED health department officials, folks. And I say, again, unelected.

Boston is like a huge octopus reaching out it’s tentacles even into other states. When Decatur, Alabama was considering it’s smoking ban, the Mayor of Boston actually telephoned the Mayor of Decatur to tell him not to veto it. How in the world is it the business of Boston’s Mayor to instruct Decatur’s Mayor? None – that’s what. Decatur’s Mayor was recently voted OUT of office, as should happen to every anti-smoking Nazi bastard.



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