"The three year old was filmed on a mobile phone by Natasha Dudley, a friend of the boy’s mother…. filmed the boy on the phone and later forwarded it to social services."
This is the most blatant LIE in the story – a story clearly slanted – a "friend" would have brought the situation to the mother’s attention – not narked on her to social service. Everyone should BEWARE of Natasha and those like her, they could easily become social outcasts.

Further, the story is fishy. How can a three year old boy have smoked "for many years"? How many years is many? How can a toddler inhale smoke as an adult? How can the mother not smell the perfume of smoking while she is not? It would be interesting to examine the real circumstances of this story which, of course, we will not be able to see. More than an odd case, it is more likely that this is yet another pixel in the image of hatred against smoking and smokers, intended to drive the public opinion to accept the "final solution" against smokers and tobacco — which has been the plan of health Nazism all along, anyway.



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