‘Smoking cigarettes does not increase the chances a woman will be diagnosed with advanced or aggressive breast cancer, according to a new study.’

It is a bit surprising that this one made it through the tight information control net that is supposed to catch any information that does not say that smoking is absolute evil and the cause of all disease.

Smokers don’t get any more breast cancer than anybody else does. That has been long apparent. The surprise is that Healthist gag orders let this politically incorrect murmur pass through.

Of course the mitigating language – from Doctor Matthew Abramowitz – gushes in a hurry:

‘There is no good news about smoking, but since about 10 percent of our patients are smokers, this research provides us with some relief. The question that remains is will smoking affect their survival?’

How did they find out about smoking and breast cancer? With questionnaires à la: ‘Do you (did you) smoke?’ ‘How many cigarettes do you smoke?’, et cetera – and without, of course, being able to verify the answers.

In short, this is the usual purblind epidemiological junk science on a multi-factorial condition, which belongs in the garbage pail along with 99% of the ‘studies’ on smoking.

There has never been any reason to believe smoking has anything to do with breast cancer but this study, in itself, really means nothing.

Of course lots more than ten per cent of American women have smoked so it’s amusingly tempting to use an epidemiological dropping like this exactly as Anti would if the result fit her preconceptions … Something like:

Nine out of ten aggressive breast cancers occur in non-smokers, experts say


Failure to smoke causes 90% of breast cancers

We don’t do that except to joke on a joke. We at FORCES are not daft, we’re not crooks, so we don’t believe in selecting and endorsing epidemiological trash to suit an agenda.

This is just junk science. Take it as you take the general run of anti-smoking’s ‘scientific proof.’



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