In England, allowing smoking in public is now an “act of crime and disorder”.

Just a few days ago we published our new Position Paper, that demonstrates that Tobacco Control is the reincarnation of the Nazi ideology. Once again we were right — and this up-to-the-hour news confirms it.

Please understand: what you read below is based exclusively (at least officially) on the passive smoking fraud. We all know that passive smoking dangers are junk science and a falsification to justify the persecution of an entire class of citizens. What is a government and a judicial system that upholds that? We let you be the judge.

Hamish Howit: a hero who fights for freedom of choice and against the Healthist state. Allowing smoking in public is now an "act of crime and disorder". The honest and harmless smoker is getting closer and closer to the level of a common criminal.

Pub Judgement "a travesty" says UKIP

Following today’s judgement at the London High Court at which smoking ban landlord Hamish Howitt had his premises’ licence revoked on the grounds that allowing somebody to smoke in a public’ place is now described as a "crime and disorder" UKIP MEP Godfrey Bloom said, "This is an unbelievable verdict. At a time when 5 pubs a week are closing and the whole sector is terminal decline, such a judgement is just another kick in the teeth".

"We will fight this," said Nick Hogan, UKIP PPC for Chorley and former landlord "This is a black day for those traditional British values such as fair play, tolerance and the ability to live a life free from heavy handed state interference".

To describe Hamish’s actions, merely allowing his customers to light up as a ‘crime and disorder’ is a fundamental misunderstanding of the both the words ‘crime’ and ‘disorder’".

At no point in the passage of the bill, was it ever suggested that a landlord should lose their pub over the legislation.

"We will not let this lie, and hope to take the case all the way to the House of Lords", continued Mr Hogan .

"In Germany the right of publicans to allow smoking has just been given constitutional protection. Why does this country need to throw such a heavy book at a small businessman just trying to do his job?".

Mr Bloom commented: "Of course it is still legal to smoke in the House of Commons, but there it is not a crime or disorder, it is just the normal activity of men and women.

For the court to suggest that an old man lighting up in a bar is in any way synonymous with racially aggravated assaults and sex offences as this judgement does is an outrage" he said.


Crime and Disorder Act 1988


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