The British Day of Defiance has been a success. We have received several letters from participants satisfied with the outcome. The antismoking law has been broken with no intervention of the police.

This is good news. It was a celebration of the intention not to respect a law that is fundamentally based on fraud and on pharmaceutical industry self-interest, and promoted with disgusting paternalism. ‘Dear “public health”, take your fraud and paternalism and shove it: we will not obey’ is the clear message launched.
But now the difficult part begins: endurance. It was wise (and very PR-oriented) for the police not to intervene in the defiance. The police are not supposed to look oppressive – and orders were probably issued to allow smokers to “get it out of their systems”. But the general instructions are loud and clear: SUPPRESS – from now on – one person at a time, one pub at a time, until backs are broken and the fear of (“public health”) God is put into both smokers and pub owners. Will smokers continue the pressure? Will they continue to disobey a law that deserves no respect? Will they be able to create the economic damage, the social pressure, the turmoil and political problems that are necessary to defeat the public fraud and the pharmaceutical agenda? Will they make the ban too expensive and too chaotic to enforce (given that the debate with “public health” is “over”, and actually was never there)?
Those are the fundamental questions, and the only ones that really matter. Unless sizeable damage is created; unless there are long-lasting negative consequences for Big Health “authorities”; and if smokers just roar, mumble and then bend over, the antismoking crooks will declare the ban a success. (Actually, they will declare it a success anyway, because that is the World Health Organization established protocol). That’s one more reason why the failure of the ban should be as spectacular as possible – to the point that not even anti-tobacco’s mass-media lackeys can hide institu
Yesterday the lives of millions of British smokers were damaged and changed thanks to an institutional fraud. Now what is to be seen is whether smokers can damage and change institutional “public health” in return – and, in doing so, prompt a clean-up of the institution, stimulating politicians to shut down repressive programs and cut short the careers of operatives working with contempt for the tradition of liberal democratic society.
In the meantime, here is a link to “The Bolton Smoke In” and to the “English Defiance!” pages, both on the Freedom to Choose site. Also, here is a description of the event from Bladimir Tolstoy, correspondent from England.



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