More bans, this time on food advertisement for children: yes, children are to grow up “straight” in the Health Reich – no fatso “weak links” shall be tolerated amongst the new Master Race.

More and more the UK behaves like those it fought against valiantly just a few short decades ago. Following the identical path taken regarding tobacco advertising, the British Health Reich has just forbidden “junk” food advertisement directed to children. Soon, of course, such advertisement will be forbidden altogether, regardless of "direction" toward children or adults: we are all children in the contemptuous eyes of our Big Brother.

The children of the Health Reich cannot choose what to eat, and their parents cannot either, of course. Epidemiological trash science has “demonstrated” that “junk food kills”, and thus the sacred liberty of free expression is to be suppressed in the name of more sacred and trash science-based “public health”. Furthermore, “experts” have established that the suppression of information – in this case advertising – decreases the consumption of the target good. Of course, they said the same for cigarettes, while the number of smokers holds stubbornly firm.

The “public health” tyrants surely achieve one thing, which is what they really want – and it is not the health of the people: they want to get the people more and more used to controlled information, thus accepting a totally controlled society where choices are made for the individual – or, better yet, individual choice is allowed to take place ONLY amongst the ever-shrinking selection of goods and behaviours established with the beliefs, ideology, social engineering and marketing of the health bastards.

Having historically failed through conventional political channels, totalitarian ideology inches its way amongst society through the back door of “public health” – one junk science study at the time, one regulation at the time – until freedom as we know it is regulated into extinction.

In the meantime, this umpteenth crackdown on the freedom of information and advertisement is yet another hit on the economy: “[B]roadcasters say the quality of children’s programmes will be hit by the loss of an estimated £39m in advertising revenue”: but who cares – health first of all – and do not worry, broadcasters: the health commissars have just made more room in your programming for pharmaceutical advertisement about which, of course, they have absolutely no problem because they know better than to upset those who pull their strings.

So no more McDonald’s for children, but certainly more Pharma ads. “In addition to scheduling restrictions, Ofcom plans to ban the use of celebrities and characters, such as cartoon heroes, to advertise unhealthy food. Free gifts and health or nutrition claims will also be banned. A Food Standards Agency ratings system is used to assess which foods are deemed to be junk products.”

Only our vicious Big Brother knows what’s good for children – never forget that – our guardians will establish what we may eat – not ma and not pa, who will be vilified in the public school systems if they smoke, drink, or are fat. Never let families and personal judgment get in the way of the “public health” Gestapo thumping on the Bible of health ideology and garbage epidemiology.

There is no room for “wrong” lifestyles in the Health Reich society.

There is no room for the Health Reich in a free and civil society.

So it comes down to “public health” OR freedom, doesn’t it?



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