“Prime Minister Gordon Brown has been banned from 105 pubs in North Yorkshire. A Pubwatch initiative in the area has barred Brown for six months in response to the smoking ban.”

Well done. This deserves expansion. Ban all antismoking bastards from your home, workplace, car, and everywhere else. The Pubwatch initiative is symbolic, of course, but it should inspire a widespread ban — door to door, person to person. The health crooks have managed to split society on the basis of a dirty epidemiological fraud. Very well, let the splitting continue!

At the first sign of harassment against your cigarettes, just kick the bastard(s) out. There are millions of proud and guilt-free smokers out there to socialise with. Disassociate yourself from cranks, healthist ideology, and hateful laws. Take inspiration from the German business owner who recently fired three non-smokers because they were disturbing his smoking employees.The gentleman understands what it takes to settle the antismoking dispute.

If healthists are ostracised, not only will they have a dose of their own bitter medicine (very therapeutic), but also and especially they will realize that they are doing the wrong thing and that they must pay the consequences for what they are doing.

Do not worry about not being "uncivilized" — they are, and for that reason, they misunderstand civility as weakness and tacit agreement with their positions. By using "tough love" you will help them to understand that things are not as they wish. Although they have crooked health authoirities on their side this is still a smoking world: let them know, they are not going to rule it.



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