They used to be objects of ridicule but also of sympathy. Now the nation’s children are being conditioned to emulate the sad neurotics whose days are spent washing their hands and sterilizing their environment.

“They pull their sleeves down over their hands to open doors, surreptitiously sanitize while on buses, subways and airplanes. At the gym, they towel off their elliptical trainers like car detailers in search of a $100 tip. At work, they’re ready to break out the Clorox the minute somebody coughs. Who are these incredibly sterile souls? They’re the citizens of a germ-conscious segment of the country you might call hand-sanitation nation. . . . While germophobes have long been the butt of jokes, recent reports of virulent new super bugs coupled with the inevitable return of cold and flu season may have actually made germ consciousness sort of, well, trendy. . . . Devereaux says she teaches her students to wash their hands every day before lunch and every time they use the bathroom and has them regularly wipe down their tables with bleach wipes, especially during flu season. She also keeps the classroom stocked with plenty of tissue and hand sanitizer and says her germ-busting routine has resulted in less illness for herself and for her students. What’s more, her students like it. ‘The kids think it’s cool to have their own little bottles of Purell,’ she says.”

A better example of mainstream media press writing commercials for corporate products as alleged news, this one from MSNBC News, could not be presented. It comes complete with the scares about flesh-eating bacteria, articulation of the Social Marketing agenda, and kids who are trained from grammar school to use certain product brand names such as Purell.

Commonsense says one washes their hands after using the bathroom and before eating. We don’t need a school agenda for that, nor do we need school teachers turning our children into phobic nihilists to accomplish basic health needs.

The good news is that many will so suppress their immune system that any bacteria could become life-threatening. Good for them! They will vacate planet Earth due to infection and leave our home once again to normal folks.



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