Only in California could money be spent devising a "solution" to the energy problem as bizarre as this.
While trying desperately to come up with a solution to the soaring cost of energy, researchers are considering the extreme and the eccentric, but this is California, the fount of all solutions. To hell with nasty fossil fuels, the future belongs to bug dung! Specifically, the poop of tiny organism that thrive by converting, through the excretion process, industrial waste into crude oil.

No one seems to have mentioned to the visionaries that the factory they would need to build in order to fully implement the technology of bug poop for oil would have to be the size of the entire city of Chicago. But, for those wanting to make a quick killing on a trendy technology, maybe it’s a good thing there are scientists working on the bug poop thing … instead of something like cancer cures, where the results have left something to be desired. By the way, what happens to the environment if the little oil producing bugs get loose from the lab and start converting stuff they encounter into oil?



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