Interesting video by the famous Penn and Teller on the hysteria and false information surrounding smoking bans, and obsession of the “there oughta be a law against that”. Penn and Teller called it what it is: Bullshit!
Bullshit is the “you don’t have the right to force your [passive smoking] risks on people around you”, because there is no demonstrated risk from passive smoking exposure.
Double Bullshit is that the “greatest cause of death and disease in our society is tobacco addiction”, for not even one death can be scientifically demonstrated to be caused by smoking, and the addiction theory is a farce.
Bullshit is that a “smoke-free world is a better place”, for it is only a better place for those who hate smoking, but it is a far worse place for those who smoke. “Too bad on them”, say the selfish antismoking bastards.
Fascist bullshit is the “government stepping in to establish whose right is to prevail”.

Penn and Teller said that these people “were born without the ability to detect bullshit”.

We believe that the pair were too kind at the time: The people who promote anti-tobacco hysteria were not only born with the ability "to speak it" they were born to produce it. They are fascists and con men extraordinaire. One must give credit where credit is due. Those who can’t detect BS are victims of the fraud, just like smokers.

However, incompetence reigns everywhere and, later, Penn and Teller "admitted" that they were “wrong”, and that in effect, secondhand smoke kills” based on “new” (trash) “evidence from England”.

We call “Bullshit!” to that one! There is no “new evidence” that secondhand smoke is harmful: all the evidence available, regardless of its results, is utter epidemiological trash that does not deserve the name of science. Penn and Teller know that, but they clearly caved in to political pressures exerted directly on them and on their TV network by the antismoking bastards.

To use the language so dear to Penn and Teller, we can say that we liked them much better in their earlier version, where they were not so prone to kiss the ass of the professional charlatans of “public health” and cater to their rotten ideology.



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