The mass-production of “new crimes” “perpetrated” by law-abiding citizens and created on the grounds of micro-management of personal behaviour, ideology and junk science is the subject of this excellent article by Philip Johnston of The Telegraph, by the title: “The bloated bureaucracy that is crushing Britain”.

Johnston refers to two books – an earlier one by the title of “Wasting Police Time”, written by Stuart Davidson, a policeman who left Britain to start a new life in Canada, also as a policeman; and a second book written by a higher ranking officer who disguises his identity as Inspector Gadget. Both books talk about the same thing. "’Rules and processes brought in to save time and money and make things fairer ended up costing time and money and hampering us in our attempts to fight crime,’ Gadget writes. ‘This is about well-meaning idiocy, the usurping of front-line professionals by managers and bureaucrats, and the law of unintended consequences.’"

“One of those consequences is that the police are increasingly in conflict, not with crooks, but with law-abiding people who are being criminalised by the myriad new laws that now plague our lives,” observes Johnston.

We wish good luck to Mr. Davidson who may have, by now, found out that the Canadian police is wasting just as much time and resources as the British one is. That is because the cancer of bureaucracy is everywhere – a cancer bloated with insecurity, obsession with micro-management and control, utter stupidity and dangerous ideological fanaticism about health and safety.

It is interesting that Johnston, amongst the myriad of examples of time-wasting tasks that the police is forced to perform, picks one about smoking:

“Outside our offices in central London, police officers patrol to assist council wardens (the cigarette Nazis, as a colleague terms them) catch people throwing butts on the ground, a bad thing to do, but one that only happens because smokers are no longer able to light up indoors.”

The implicit point that Johnston makes is powerful, and it deserves to be expanded. As we know, the health Nazis have created the passive smoking fraud to force smokers to quit based on epidemiological trash on both passive and active smoking. New “criminals” have therefore being created. First responsibility transference point: the health Nazis transfer their crime (the frauds on smoking) onto their victims, the smokers. Now the victims are forced to smoke outside and, of course, they produce butts and noise that were not there before. Hence the second responsibility transference point, as the original crime of the health Nazis created a second crime: noise and littering – something that the police must waste time on by suppressing instead of going after the real crooks.

The health Nazis and their friends in the mass-media thus proceed to represent the littering as a “smoking problem” and to punish the smokers – but the problem (actually the problems) were all created by the Nazis’ epidemiological frauds on smoking in the first place.

The paradox is that the police are wasting time going after the “crimes” of the victims of public health instead of performing a real police duty: arrest the public health operatives for fraud and for causing littering and public disturbance, since they are directly responsible for all three of them.

Why is that happening? Because the Nazis are in control of the bureaucracy that commands the police – thus they can use it against their victims, enjoying the immunity that comes from the fact that there is no citizen authority to control THEM.

Now multiply this diabolical system by thousands of other cases – i.e., the “speeding problem” created by ridiculously low speed limits (very profitable, though!…); the “alcohol problem” created by kicking smokers out of pubs, so that they don’t go there and drink too much at home; the “data loss problem”, where sensitive government data on citizens are now (regularly!) lost by the bureaucrats who imposed the useless and intrusive data collection in the first place in the name of “safety”. In that case, however, responsibility transference to the victims remains a tough PR problem that the word garblers representing bureaucracy still have to solve…

Is all that plain criminal, or just stupid and irresponsible behaviour — to the point of intellectual retardation? Actually, it is both.

Contempt, fear and greed for control and money drive imbecile authorities to create over-complex and criminalizing systems that inevitably malfunction and geometrically generate new problems.
The intellectual inadequacy of those authorities – and thus their inability to see one inch beyond their nose when they make the stupid laws — does not allow them to understand that, when something does not work, you have to go back to the last know working solution rather then insisting. Thus their response is always the same: more repression and more control.

All that requires police. This is not really difficult to understand, but the recipe requires commodities that, today, are rarer than gold: a little bit of intelligence, a pinch of common sense, a whiff of honesty, a touch of integrity, the absence of malice and prejudice, and the presence of a bit of decent education, so that you don’t rely on “experts” all the time.

Sorry folks… we really went overboard, this time. Next time we’ll ask for the Moon.



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