From our friends at Freedom 2 Choose, Last week a new European organisation was born, an organisation that has brought a revolutionary twist to the war on smokers: HORECACLAIM Europe. [HoReCa stands for Hotels, Restaurants and Cafes].

Horecaclaim Europe has a unique approach, using investments from independent wealthy private individuals. Horecaclaim intend to claim redress and damages caused by the smoking bans from various European Governments. Frederick Matthaei, a member of the board of directors of Horecaclaim said: ‘The authorities win almost all the battles against citizens, because citizens don’t have the time nor the resources to successfully engage in the struggle. We have the resources, so the authorities cannot “fumigate”us.’

A professional claim organization has been created that may cause many anti smoking groups sleepless nights. While here in the UK it may not be possible for businesses to sue H.M. Government for compensation against bad legislation, there is little technically preventing an organisation like Horecaclaim helping UK businesses to claim against ASH/ ASH Ireland/ ASH Scotland/ ASH Wales – both as organisations and against their individual trustees and staff. They gave professional advice to the governments who created these laws that they would have no effect on businesses!

We at Freedom2Choose welcome the arrival of Horecaclaim, and we wholeheartedly support their efforts to challenge unfair and unjust legislation which has cost the livelihoods of so many throughout Europe, and has caused economic mayhem and the vilification of millions of law-abiding European citizens.

Maybe now we will have a fairer fight!



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