Just put this through your head, you bastard smokers: you will not escape us, we have the technology.

Understand this, you scum of the Earth: you will not be able to HIDE – and you thought you could be a closet smoker! Wrong! You see, not only will we print it, say it, show it; it is not enough that we fire you or we don’t hire you, that we don’t operate on you and that we refuse you medical care. It is sure not sufficient that we tax you to death and that we do not represent you at all, so that we can use your money for the benefit of your enemies and at any rate against you, as you deserve. Finally, it is not enough that we forbid you to exercise your choice in your car or even in your homes.

Now we invade your PRIVACY. Yes, it is true, you should not lie to your doctor – kind of silly, isn’t it? But so far it has been enough that lying to your doctor was kinda lying to your lawyer – the consequences fall on you. No more. Now the doctors have the TECHNOLOGY to discover if you are a closet smoker – in the name of health, of course.

And there are a lot of fringe benefits, too.

For example, once we discover that you are a smoking scumbag who lied to keep your job, your children, your medical insurance or to have that badly needed operation (in spite of the taxes you paid), we can REPORT YOU to your employer and to the “authorities”, so that you will pay the consequences for your LEGAL habit that we hate with all out might!

Get it: we HATE you, bastard – put that through your head. We hate you far more than the heroin addict because your habit, you see, is still legal, so we can’t really – not yet – put you in jail where you belong. But we sure can put you under house arrest, one inch at the time.

We will simply squash you, and regulate you out of existence until you quit smoking and you behave AS WE WANT. Millions have cried “uncle” under our power already, because we are “public health” – and we WILL SHOW YOU WHO IS IN CHARGE, HERE. Get it? You will cry uncle too – and we tell you even more: once defeated, you are such human trash that you will convince yourself that you feel better and that you are healthier, to “fit society” again — and not to face the reality that you have bent over. You will be grateful.

If you are a stronger character, you may still resent us, but you won’t be able to keep it up for long. At any rate, we don’t care about your respect in the first place – we just care about your OBEDIENCE. Where persuasion won’t do, fear and intimidation will reach.

Understand: you are a PATIENT because you smoke: WE WILL CURE YOU. We will scare you. We have the technology, you won’t be able to hide. We will “make it difficult” for you to be a closet smoker! We are “public health”. We are the ruling jerks.

Once upon a time, when we were backwards and sick, people acting like us would have been considered fascist trash and privacy invaders, but we set the world straight by turning it upside down. Now YOU are the scumbags and we are the straight ones, and we give each other awards while we straighten you up.

Isn’t this wonderful “progress”?



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