We present an episode of the satirical American television cartoon program South Park with which many of our readers are familiar.

The girthy and perpetually gorging Rob Reiner heads up a platoon of bug-eyed antitobacco zealots who abuse children in their war of lies against the Big Tobacco Company.

This highly amusing episode originally appeared on television on 3 December 2003. Mister Reiner, as blubbery in life as in the artist’s rendering, was reportedly appalled at his cartoon depiction, and went on a crash diet soon after. With the passage of a few years, however, he has resumed elephantine proportion.

Reiner, an actor and Hollywood producer of mediocre repute, is called a "fascist" in the cartoon. Although less vocal in his support of the smoker pogrom in recent years it may be supposed this hypocrite still applauds progress toward the Final Solution (if he can manage to get his hands together around that belly.) In real life, Reiner campaigned famously for vilification programs and fleecing of smokers via taxation in California a few years ago, but from a national perspective was more on the order of an antitobacco lieutenant, rather than the general the cartoon show makes him.

Antitobacco fascism (aptly called) continues to ravage lives and societies. The sort of ridicule and debunking of this movement shown in "Butt Out" should be common, as was satire regarding alcohol Prohibition eighty years ago, but media lock-step and the intellectual catastrophe of "political correctness" commonly censor and stifle incisive satire today. Enjoy this exception. Click the link below to play the video.



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