The health ‘n’ safety hysterics are hot for global warming but planet Earth is keeping cool. In its long history our planet has varied from a fiery mass to an ice-encrusted sphere. The very latest news is that we’ve been in a general warming trend since the beginning of the nineteenth century.

Of course this isn’t a straight-line course. Nothing in nature is. There are briefer trends to warming and cooling within the overall trend.

It’s all as is to be expected. Expecting a constant global climate century to century and year by year is as plain stupid as expecting constant global weather month to month or day to day.

In the long run, i.e. millennia to aeons, expect whatever the cosmos brings. If the Earth could speak it would tell you that. Who knows how long humans will last? Who knows when the Sun will explode? It will you know, not likely soon, but ultimately it will. In the meantime, while this planet is habitable, it’s wise not to worry too much.

True, it may not last forever, but this is humanity’s heyday on Earth. Before it ends perhaps a colony headed by Captain Kirk will preserve our race somewhere in the great out there. Maybe not, but if you worry about such things day-to-day, you need a therapeutic mind meld.

We link to a perceptive and entertaining article entitled “Global Warming Alarmists Out in Cold” by Andrew Bolt from Australia’s Herald Sun. We suggest you enjoy the debunking with a cup of hot cocoa.



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