It is all a matter of beliefs, science has nothing to do with it. The latest incarnation of that belief is the prohibition to smoke in one’s own car if a person under 18 is present. The “base” (read: the excuse) for the prohibition this time is a trash “study” published by the Harvard School of Public Health, stating that ‘smoke in cars can be up to 10 times more of a health risk than secondhand smoke in a home’.

Aside from the facts that:

· 10 times nothing is still nothing;

· The Harvard School of Public Health used well-tested measurement techniques to show unrealistic concentrations of substances (that in reality are dissipated);

· Even the “10 times risk" statement is an attribution based on other attributions which are based on questionnaires;

the only real issue is that it is all a matter of ideology.

The ideology is that social control, expressed with the “health and environment” arguments, is to be pushed and imposed regardless of scientific evidence — although the “scientific” evidence is the official excuse. Indeed, science itself is redefined. From verifiable and repeatable experimentation based on empirical quantification, science has been degraded to epidemiological junk science, amss-produced by corrupt institutions to support the "health" ideology and the ensuing political programmes of social, cultural and behaviour control.

To the point that a cigar smoker (and Nazi sympathizer) Arnold Schwarzenegger just signed this umpeenth fraud into law – to get health Nazism one step closer to homes – the ultimate goal of the “health” movement.

But the smoking issue is certainly not unique. Here is another. In spite of the fact that:

· The famous Al Gore report on global warming has been debunked by many scientists;

· Even a court in Britain has recently established that there are at least nine fundamental falsities in that report,

Gore has been awarded the Nobel prize. Once again, no different than the smoking saga. Notwithstanding that courts around the world have established that the dangers and causality are either a fraud, an exaggeration or at any rate impossible to quantify, smoking bans and antismoking campaigns proceed unfettered.

The message is clear — and universal: we don’t care about evidence and logic; we could not care less about ethics. We produce our own junk science and we call it real science because we have the power. And we have created our own dimension of ethics too, as our cause is “just” enough to justify frauds and lies to achieve its ends. And to reaffirm our principles and stance, we name parks after cons, turn frauds into laws, and give the highest awards to preachers of health and environment at the expense of economies and liberties.

Are you ready to accept all that? If not, you have no choice but disobey laws for, in the last analysis, it’s becoming clearer every day that a free citizen must be an outlaw. Lighting up in your own car after January 1st would be a good start.

Read more comments on this law from Michael Siegel.



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