The fact that there is absolutely no proof that car emissions contribute significantly to global warming is about as important as the fact that there is absolutely no proof that smoking kills — that is, it makes no difference: the issue here is belief, not science.

California is suing the Environmental Protection Agency to impose its policies to combat global warmin on the rest of the United States. Many environmentalist zealots are eager to follow suit. The solipcism of Californians shines more brightly than the sun as the state annoints itself as the savior of the world, beleiving that it alone is altering the entire planet’s climate. Only oil company stooges could disagree with view that California is the fulcrum in the battle to save the world.

Smoking bans cause economic devastation, especially for the small Ma and Pop businesses that mean nothing to politicians and thus are absolutely disposable. If the tobacco industry is shut down tomorrow hundreds of thousands of people would be unemployed, the government would lose billions in taxes and the economy would be devastated. In both cases, that does not matter: imaginary health first of all, and when the lung cancer rate stays the same, new targets will be found for the fools who refuse to believe that cancer is one of the ways nature terminates life.

By the same token, the superstition that cars produce so-called greenhouse gases in sufficient amount to actually warm up the planet is as holy as "smoking causes cancer." That is why the "debate is over": you cannot debate beliefs, only science. And if you have no scientific proof the debate is over PDQ. It follows that the fact that the CO is a consequence of global warming and not the cause is to be absolutely and positively ignored, otherwise you can’t really push the panic button. Rather, cars must be regulated to death, very much like cigarettes are being regulated to extintion. The fact that such regulations will impact tremendously on the price of the products made by Detroit, and that in turn will make the already devastated American economy worse is utterly irrelevant also: imaginary health first of all, and when the planet will continue to warm up, we will have to take care of the Second Great Depression and won’t have time to put in jail those who deserve to go there.

In the meantime, nations like China who have not embraced the health & safety & environment trash are growing their muscles exponentially because they have more and more production capability and are well on their way to the industrial production monopoly, that is, the monopoly of power. Then one day the Chinese flag could stand on the White House, perhaps not physically, but as the de facto power behind the scene. Millions of fools will be smoke-free, pollution-free, job-free, alcohol-free, money-free, and all ready to be the servants, hat in hand, to those who have not been stupid enough to sing the song of health and safety and dance to its tune. Meanwhile the obtuse California ideologues and glad-handers will feel soooo good about themselves, which, after all, is what this lawsuit is all about.



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