Absolute disgust for the new Fascism is growing all over the world. The UK Column is a group worth watching. Saying, “Make no mistake about it, this is a war", this organisation is looking for a million wise warriors to lead the charge against modern Fascism, under which: “We are over-regulated, over-taxed, spied on, burdened by bureaucracy and political correctness, to the extent that we are even told the words and phrases that we can and cannot utter. Thieves, muggers and drug dealers escape with meaningless cautions, whilst the law abiding majority are fined and harassed by a militia-like officialdom who themselves take orders from compliant and controlled strata of middle mangers with an inflated sense of self-importance, hand-picked for their enthusiasm for social engineering and their busy-body mentality.”

If you’re British, and if you’re not, take a good look at what the folks at the UK Column are saying and planning. This is indeed a war and you are indeed in it. So fight.



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