An article in the Irish Independent faces facts. The article’s author, Mary Kenny, dislikes smoking, and may be said to dither a bit about a “genetic aspect” in relation to her belief that tobacco is “harmful to health”, given that her own relatives who chain-smoked lived as long as into their nineties, while non-smokers she’s known have died in middle age.

The simple fact is that moderation in drinking, eating, or smoking is wise for anyone, while genetic disposition to disease is generally hazy, and no individual ever really knows when or how the Grim Reaper will come for him.

Despite her own anti-tobacco disposition, however, the author recognizes the evil of the contemporary anti-smoker movement. She notes that this movement follows on outlooks and policies endorsed by Adolf Hitler. That’s right.

She says that the “political will” of “fanatical” anti-smokers includes “suppression of the truth” in service of erecting a “fascist state” in which all citizens will be stripped of every vestige of privacy and personal dignity, while smokers in particular may soon find themselves facing imprisonment for the mere possession of tobacco. Right again.

At the same time Mary Kenny notes that tobacco remains popular despite all the increasingly vicious policies of the smoker pogrom. She furthermore avers that the fanatics’ evident goal, total prohibition of a product folks have enjoyed for centuries, likewise will never work, but will instead create burgeoning disrespect for law, a vast criminal underground, and ever greater attractiveness of the forbidden fruit, eternally beloved tobacco. Just so.

It will save a lot of misery if fascistic anti-smoking gets buried before its awful trajectory toward a Final Solution reaches completion. A whole lot of graves for a whole lot of fascists have got to be dug, right now, today. Help us.



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