Here’s an interesting bit from television we missed along the course of the SCHIP debate. Fox News contributor Jonathan Hoenig expressed in both words and action his fulsome disgust for the incessant targeting of smokers. As he puffed away on screen Hoenig suggested that his cameraman was doing the same. That you can’t see but we hope so.

Most readers, with modern systems, will be able to enjoy watching Jonathan Hoenig light up on the viewer within the page linked with at the bottom of this page; for the rest of us there’s a still-photo screen and a transcript. (The full video clip of this exchange is now available at our multimedia page.) The Fox News contributor called the SCHIP proposal "discrimination," making an analogy to "all blacks" or "all Christians" being forced "to pay a surcharge to pay for kids’ health care." He also argued that smoking "harms nobody but the smoker," and said that many found smoking "a very pleasurable activity," while proceeding to smoke with evident relish.

Good for Jonathan Hoenig. The Think Progress website which posted this bit in July is very apparently Anti-admiring and therefore smoker-hating. Considering this, reader comments following on the original posting include a surprising number of plaudits for Hoenig’s attitude, amidst the usual plain blog blah, and of course the calls for physical violence against smokers to which we have become well-accustomed. Anti is an efficient hate machine that needs to be taken apart. More and more citizens are expressing their disgust with twenty-first century institutional hate and we are organizing to take its machinery apart piece by piece. You need not be a quietly appreciative viewer of Hoenig or of resistance generally. You needn’t be a lone voice or a lone activist either. Join us.



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