No wordy explanations are needed for this article. Just read it carefully.
"A report indicating that Merck used ghostwriters to produce medical journal articles in support of its subsequently discredited drug Vioxx has galvanized opponents to a federal proposal that would relax some restrictions on drug promotion."

What is the reaction of “public health”?

“The Food and Drug Administration has been considering a proposal to let drug makers use reprints of journal articles in promoting drugs for so-called off-label uses the F.D.A. itself has not approved. A main proviso of the proposal is that the articles must have been published in peer-reviewed medical journals. “

Wonderful. Except that medical journals are controlled largely by Big Pharma. These are the same medical journals that refuse to publish any research on smoking and tobacco that has been even remotely financed by Big Tobacco. The insulting implication is very clear: Big Tobacco studies are biased, Big Pharma ones are not!

With such growing level of utter prostitution of the health institutions, how can one be stupid enough to believe anything they say – on smoking or anything else?

Citizen, you are on your own. Close your eyes and ears. Smoke and drink in moderation and use your common sense. That is the only reliable thing you have left when it comes to your health.

Make good use of it.



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