Nova Scotia: The government announced Thursday it would join other provinces that are taking legal action against the tobacco industry in an attempt to recover health-care costs due to smoking. They are seeking a lawfirm to take their case on a contingency basis.

It is not politically fail-safe because the court action will expose the government to accusations of hypocrisy. Its lawyers will claim the tobacco industry knowingly made and marketed a dangerous product, while portraying the government as naive to the dangers.

If the court case succeeds, it should raise questions about the way our government knowingly promotes drinking and gambling, which generate health-care costs of their own.

The World Health Organization’s Propaganda machine is beginning to succeed eradicating all evils of man as they so deem it: tobacco, drinking, gambling and let’s not forget obesity. Their perfect world must consist of a large number of drugs to make us all robots with little to enjoy, only work.



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