If you had any doubt left in your mind that “public health” is by leaps and bounds more important than the constitutional guarantees of liberty, this decision from Canada should erase it.

"The bench unanimously and unequivocally upheld a federal law that tightly restricts advertising and requires tobacco companies to put graphic health warning labels, such as cancerous lungs, on cigarette packages. ‘Restrictions on tobacco advertising are a valid exercise of Parliament’s criminal law power,’ Chief Justice Beverley McLachlin wrote in the 9-0 ruling."
There you have it – and remember that “public health” does not even have to scientifically demonstrate that a legal product is harmful: all it takes is a good combo of declared “consensus”, hate promotion, false information and suppression of opposition. The writing is on the wall for all to see: to nullify constitutions – indeed to adapt the constitutions to the agenda – all it takes is to have “public health” declare a product or a behaviour “unhealthy”. When “health” is in conflict with freedoms and constitutions, health is to prevail and constitutions and principles have to adapt and conform. Get it — and obey!
And don’t hope that the Banana Republic of Canada is different than where you live: this ideology is a planetary cancer spread by the WHO and its pharmaceutical masters. The back of healthism must be broken at its most basic, with popular political actions and spectacular disobedience.
Read the rest of the article, try not to be sick (that’s unhealthy!), and look at the perversion of the principles and the imposition of domestic policies by supranational treaties (WHO) – treaties signed without a national referendum. Read the calls for even more abuse and absolute power to be delivered into the hands of “public health” and its pharmaceutical controllers, now even more powerful than national constitutions. Perhaps now would be a good time to stop being sheep? The alternative is utter dictatorship, let’s not kid ourselves.
And here is the final insult to decency, spat on the face of Canadians by the minister of health Tony Clement: "Speaking as a parent, not as a politician, I would be extremely perturbed if my 10-year-old daughter, who has the occasional use of a cellphone, receives a text message from tobacco companies." Next are the alcohol and food companies.
But Mr. Clement does not make a sound about the hammering advertisement of the pharmaceutical companies, of course, that are allowed to bombard the public with unrestricted advertisement — and to drug the entire population.
No one can afford to irritate the boss, eh, Tony?… We will sure smoke one up to that — and to hold back the puke that what you represent induces.

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