The fools who ‘hate smoking’ and cheer smoking bans have a natural tunnel vision as they think that, once smokers are cast out, their interest are served, and that’s where it’s going to stop. They are wrong, of course.

Of course, people who think like that have already largely demonstrated how selfish, obtuse and limited in intelligence they really are, and they deserve what happens to them. From C.A.G.E. (Canada) comes this piece about Robert Cushman, a doctor who is part of the antismoking machine that segregates smokers from the rest of Canadian society based on the usual arguments and false science. But now…

“Evidently, Robert Cushman’s social engineering ambitions did not stop with smoking bans. The following article that appeared in the Ottawa Citizen October 31st, is more than enough to cause not only alarm but thorough indignation”, says C.A.G.E.

Of course Cushman’s ambitions do not stop with smoking bans. Having whipped the smokers he is ready to move on to everyone who doesn’t live as Big Health demands. What the pinheads who support smoking prohibition cannot understand is that the price for their beloved “clean air” (which is not clean at all) is that they are next.

Incipient dictators like Cushman are after power, right along with most of the medical class, unfortunately. Those who are addicted to power will not – cannot – stop unless they are forcibly stopped. This bad doctor wants to use “public health” and his profession to force people to behave as prescribed – and no problem at all if blackmail and intimidation are used. Unfortunately, he is not alone.

“Play hardball with patients with bad habits, doctors urged” is the title of the piece. But hey, as long as “public health’s” victims keep on believing “public health” just because they are told that they are “loved”, and unless they start playing hard ball with the social engineers, this will go on.

Enjoy the “smoke-free” environment – soon to be fat-free, alcohol-free, candy-free, sugar-free, salt-free, bacon-free. We will light up illegal cigarettes and cigars to those bans and enjoy hearing you whining, applauding equality under oppression! Isn’t that what good losers are supposed to do, instead of finding the guts to hang the dictator?



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