As in every dictatorship in history, in the regime of “health, safety, and environment”, the three great (and fraudulent) ideological pillars of Healthism, it is vital that information be tightly controlled. Those who speak in dissent are punished.
This is what is happening in Environment Canada right now: “New policy at Environment Canada makes researchers give ‘approved lines’ “.

As C.A.G.E. asks in introduction to this piece:

“Why wouldn’t Environment Canada want their scientists to talk to the media? What will be the sanctions if they did? Since when can a citizen be muzzled on the sole pretext that he works for the government and everything must be centralized? What does this lack of transparency hide? What are we to make of this? How many other scientists and other civil servants have been subdued to the same line of censorship that we don’t know about? What are the ’approved lines’ ? Who is approving them?”

How redolent of the Soviet Union! Why should scientists be permitted to speak only “approved lines,” or otherwise, be silenced? Why should taxpayers pay for suppression of their right to knowledge and truth?

We are not talking about military defence and national security here, where secret plannings and plottings need to be kept hidden. Is the Healthist state afraid that some of its many frauds may become widely recognised? Is it afraid that some dissenting opinion could gain ground in public opinion?

Of course it is. Let it be clear: a state that is based on “health and safety and environment” is substantially based on junk science.

Junk science is fraud. Fraud is a crime that demands punishment. The Health Reich has no taste for justice, most particularly, when it may be aimed at the Reich.

The fraudsters do know that reason is their enemy. Thus they muzzle information. They have the guns and the power. They want perpetual control. They want ignorance. They want sheep, very quiet sheep, who only listen to orders, and follow the herd.

Think. Speak. Defy and destroy Healthism.



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