Somehow, elected representatives in both the U.S. and the Canadian federal governments have got it into their heads that it is safer for pregnant mothers to be forced to receive a newly developed and expensive Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT) than it is to allow her to decide for herself if she will quit smoking, reduce her smoking, or continue.

Never mind that this therapy has not yet been adequately tested nor monitored on willing recipients. Once again, a well-paid pharmaceutical lobbyist has convinced some overpaid government technocrats that this makes sense. Well, we know it makes sense for the pharmaceutical company that has a guaranteed sale for every smoker who gets pregnant. Here is the paper trail being created by a C.A.G.E. member as she tries to raise some warning flags about this hair-brained, highly invasive and possibly dangerous scheme.

But – as happens every time citizens are smart enough to investigate the evidence beyond the frauds of "public health", the white mafia closes its ranks: if one is steady enough to endure the pushy bureaucratic run-around, there is always the last resort: it’s ”confidential information”. Scientific truth, your money, behaviour control and public fraud are "Cosa Nostra".



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