The white-collar criminals responsible for the fraud-based antismoking policy in Canada are now in a tizzy because of a rampant contraband problem – and, once again, smokers are blamed for what government and the anti-tobacco zealots have created.
It’s not as if they hadn’t learned back in the ‘90s that confiscatory taxation creates a contraband problem. They simply don’t care. Nor do they care how smokers are treated. Those same smokers are now finally showing as much disrespect for society as society is showing to them. Good for Canadian smokers! A society based on antitobacco and healthism deserves no respect in the first place. Funny (sickening, actually) how the tobacco industry and the antis become best buddies when their wallets are hurting.
Smoking citizens are only dollar signs to these people, and when crime goes up, it’s our fault again. “Pay up and shut up” is all that is demanded of smokers from everyone involved in this issue – including the hospitality industry.
Will the sheep understand, one day, that it is the wolves that must be destroyed for good? Oh, but the wolves love you: Ontario government is removing tax from nicotine replacement “therapy” for a disease that does not exist. Today’s state loves to be loved – not by the citizens it is supposed to serve, but by international paymasters – in this case, some specific pharmaceutical companies with a lot to gain from taking over the nicotine market.



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