Lisa Lumley, political Conservative candidate, says "Why are nursing homes sending people, who have been smoking for 50 or 60 years, outside?"

Finally, there is a moderating voice amongst all the propaganda that we are hearing out of Canada. Lisa Lumley, a political Conservative, and a non-smoker, is running against Liberal MMP Sandra Pupatello in Windsor West. Lumley notes that nursing homes should give dignity to seniors in their latter years.

Senior citizens have been used as pawns by the anti-smoking lobbyists which infest our legislators on all levels of government. Seniors have been forced out of their own homes, in the cold Canadian winters, if they wish to smoke a cigarette, a legal activity, which they have done all their lives. Some have died, due to this forced legislation.

The anti-smoking mafiosi contend that they are protecting the other seniors against the dangers of second hand smoke. As we are all well aware of by now, there is no danger whatsoever from second hand smoke and smoking rooms can be created in nursing homes for those who choose to smoke.

It is with enthusiasm that we will watch the candidacy of Lisa Lumley.



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