It does not take a genius, an “expert” or a “study” to figure out what this Canadian article is talking about.

“Windsor youths are smoking illegal cigarettes in increasing numbers, a new study commissioned by the Canadian Convenience Stores Association suggests.”

The rest of the piece is a gab fest of the usual: “experts” and “authorities” talking, analyzing, complaining. And, of course, what is recommended? More regulation, laws, enforcement, sanctions, punishment and control – that is, all the phony solutions to a non-existent problem so loved by political mental defectives at its final stage.

The real solution is much simpler, and it is built into the statements of the young smokers:

"I don’t have $8 for a pack every day," the 16-year-old said. "I can get a bag full of smokes for $10 and it’ll last me a week." (A “bag full of smokes” is 200 cigarettes, or a carton).

If only the political retardos would get off their false statistics on disease and their idiotic ideology and listen. The 16-year old youngster has prescribed the solution: cut the criminal taxation of cigarettes, and stop the persecution of smoking. Thus, remove the halo of transgression that all demonized and forbidden things carry. The rest will come by itself.

But that would mean coming to grips with reality. Stop the lies on smoking and surrender the fanatical ideology. For anti-tobacco, however, is better to keep the problem, so that the parasites of health and bureaucracy will have something to do – such as wasting public money and resources in repression, persecution and witch hunts.

Happy smoking, young rebels!



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