The shame goes on, and nobody cares: we are too busy complying with Nazi laws in the name of ‘public health’.

Smokers have been accused, amongst a million things, of being selfish. What to say about this moving letter written to the Edmonton Journal by a senior citizen, describing the heartless fate reserved to her and her companions by antismoking policies? What to say about a nation that is consciously allowing this to happen when the solution is immediate and at zero cost? But the Canadian health scum seems eager to show who is holding the reins of power.

We read: “One night I went outside to join the other smokers and found my neighbour sitting on the ground. The ambulance was on its way. She’s in a wheelchair and had fallen — it was half an hour before anyone found her. Luckily, she wasn’t hurt, but had it been winter she would have frozen to death. God only knows how we’ll fare this winter.”

Who cares. They are just smokers. Smokers are disposable – especially if they are in their 80s or 90s. They can die in Edmonton, exposed to -40 winter temperatures, or they can die during the suffocating summers at nearly +40°C, bitten by mosquitoes. They can die anywhere else, too. Or they can “choose” to behave as the trashy, non smoking Master Race and just stay inside: behave as we want and you will be rewarded with what your rights are in the first place; else — you are too weak and poor to give us trouble anyway! That is because some bastard with junk science and hatred has decided that smoking indoors is no longer "socially acceptable", and it has to be "denormalized" — no matter the cost. Unfortunately, spineless smokers don’t seem to be willing to make that cost very, very high. It is easier to obey — and to let old people die.

More over: “But for others, we were told when we moved in that we could smoke in our rooms. Then the city-owned Greater Edmonton Foundation decided to change the rules, in accordance with our city’s new legislation. Now we have groups of seniors having to bundle up and sit outside to enjoy the one thing in their life they had left to calm and comfort them. People in wheelchairs are having to try to find someone who will help them dress and get them outside. Killing us off because we are no longer "useful" or contributing enough to the corporate pot seems to be the plan. I have no doubt it will work.” Indeed. Eugenics have always been in the name of health. And many of those people surrendered their homes largely on the grounds that they could smoke in their new place. They were conned, and the deal was unilaterally changed. But what else is antitobacco if not a fraud?

“In our day, smoking was ‘the thing to do.’ Nobody told us it was addictive or unhealthy. Now, after 50 or 60 years of smoking, the government is banning it.”

Smoking is not unhealthy, Donna – antitobacco is. And the fact that you and so many others of your friends are still with us – although tormented – is proof. Addictive? Don’t believe a word of what they say. What kind of respect and credibility those who treat old people like that deserves? One last thing: now more than ever smoking is ‘the thing to do’ – if for no other reason, to distinguish oneself from Nazi antismoking pigs.

Hang in there and keep on smoking – right in their face. They will not dare beating you up – not yet.



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