Pfizer, manufacturer of the devastating anti-smoking drug Chantix, continues to finance and keep active its “public health” marionettes in Canada.

Faced with the collapse of the sales of Chantix, restrictions of its use (click here and here), and further FDA labelling restrictions on its dangerous smoking cessation drug, Pfizer needs promotional advertisement to attract more fools who believe "public health’s" false information on smoking, and are willing to go insane with Chantix.

Therefore the Lung Association of Canada has been activated to advocate “free” smoking cessation trash in spite of the devastating effects of smoking cessation on health, due to both the drugs used and smoking cessation itself. The Lung Association has immediately complied — to keep happy those who grease its palm (what a “coincidence”, Pfizer!), and thus continues to lie to the public in a shameful display of corruption and cheap prostitution.

C.A.G.E. Canada has more on this story.

More documentation on the corruption of public policy by the pharmaceutical giants by clicking here.



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