Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul has set an all-time record for a single day’s fund-raising in an American presidential election.

More than four million dollars poured into Texas Congressman Ron Paul’s campaign coffers in a single day last week. Most came in small amounts from online contributors. Ron Paul, generally overlooked by media, seems to be benefitting from growing dissatisfaction with politics as usually practiced by the mainstream Democratic and Republican parties: although nominally a Republican Paul represents libertarian views which quite distinguish him from regulars in either major party. Doctor Paul (a medical doctor who did service as an Air Force flight surgeon and who practiced for many years specializing in obstetrics/gynecology) opposes a national smoking ban and has expressed support for the autonomy of private business owners. It’s also interesting to note that he is the overwhelming favorite at an online World Vote (stored link). Dissatisfaction with politics as usual, nationally and internationally, comes as no surprise to many.



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