In the war against any and all milestones of progress and freedom in the 20th century, the car cannot be missing. Already target practice for the global warming scam crowd, the car now becomes yet another “threat” to public health: cars "cause" obesity. This piece by Sandy Szwarc of Junkfood Science tells the story.


A surveillance centre. Not even in his most creative moment when creating his famous dystopian masterpiece could Orwell have imagined this.

High technology and control centres used to monitor, study, watch, pilot and punish the citizen – every moment of his day – in the name of health, safety, environment and epidemiological fraud.

Yet, people seem to accept this humiliating subjugation without reaction. Some are fearful of the punishment, others even grateful for having their dignity ripped from them. But fortunately, the number of the opponents of tyranny is growing.

Certainly! Here is epidemiological trash science for you. Remember that, in junk science language, “correlation” means “causality”:

“When the Institute for European Environmental Policy, based in London, released a report last summer noting a correlation between rising car ownership and obesity, and a correlation between rising obesity rates and global warming, the solution proposed was to dissuade Europeans from driving their cars and to walk more. Government agencies began considering the plan, but few consumers took it all that seriously, thinking ‘what are they going to do, make us?’“

Of course — what did you think, you damn fools?

Police cameras to track 50million cars a DAY – and keep details for up to five years (stored copy) – “Police will use converted CCTV cameras to record the journeys of millions of motorists. Police intend to map millions of car journeys and keep them on a national database for five years. Roadside cameras across the country will capture the exact movements of 50 million license plates every day. … Companies bidding to run the pay-as-you-go driving schemes have been asked to come up with a system to impose a minimum charge on motorists. The charges would be imposed at all times and not just on the busiest roads or during rush hours. The proposals are part of Government plans to encourage more people to use public transport or walk to fight rising obesity levels. “

Are you a smoker? You will be harassed. Are you a drinker? Well, you will not know what wine is available anymore. Are you fat? Not only will you be harassed, but we will make your car useless for you. Are you a combination of all of the above? You scum, feel the wrath of the state against you: we will make your life impossible!

What do you say?… You protest?… See if we care! Whine to your heart’s content, we’ll let you, we are a free country!… But, at the end of the day, let’s put it this way, buddy: we have the police and the guns to make you do as we order. What have you got — and what are you prepared to do? Mumble and obey? …Right, that’s what we though. Now, shut up and shape up… or else!

…And what is the car industry going to do about this, by the way? Easy to be prophets: it’s going to officially kiss the ass of the health and environment "authorities" rather than expose the frauds and defend itself and its customers, the way of life it has created and the people it employs. The car industry will become a witness to its own extinction, taking its due place next to tobacco, alcohol, food and several other industries in the monumental graveyard of progress and liberties.

After all, that’s “progress” in the 21st century, isn’t it?… Self-fustigation and self-annihilation in the name of health, safety and environment.



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