"The Centers for Disease Control and the Food and Drug Administration, will be newly pounding the nation’s airwaves with anti-smoking ads". The costs of these ads are $100 million per year or more.

"The CDC declined to comment, other than to confirm the campaign, but people familiar with it said that it has a broadcast TV element and is expected to focus on smoking’s health effects, using scare tactics to encourage people to toss out the smokes". This fear campaign will also encourage hatred for smokers and lead to more discrimination in the workplace while influencing local/state jurisdictions to pass indoor/outdoor smoking bans with no scientific evidence but fabricated fear.

This continued attack on people who smoke was brought to you by the Family Smoking Prevention Act, signed by Obama in 2008 under a Democratically lead Congress, which moved tobacco under FDA and gave them sweeping new authority which is now being abused with a “fear mongering” advertising campaign.

This is outrageous and is just another example of why this current administration needs to go. $100 million dollars could save thousands of people from losing their houses and being homeless. Simply put, this goes beyond "behavior modification." It is pure Fascism. All of this from a President who smoked and now uses nicotine gum.



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