Truth can be suffocated. Scientific denunciation of frauds can be drowned in antismoking propaganda noise. Scientists who demonstrate the institutional fraud can be dismissed as “tobacco industry stooges" even when they are not. Mass media can be controlled and conquered with Big Pharma advertising and sick ideology.

But economy cannot be controlled – not even by the almighty Tobacco Control/Pharmaceutical criminal partnership.

It is a fact that smoking bans hurt business, and all the corrupt studies on the “economic benefits of smoking bans” circulated by Tobacco Control and its minions of public health crash against the reality of the cash register. Now the Second Great Depression is bringing the chickens home to roost.

Politicians begin to listen to hurting businesses – and many businesses are hurt primarily by the smoking bans. The con artists of public health, as they are no longer able to bamboozle people on the economic “benefits” of smoking bans, try to counter by vomiting lies on the “costs of smoking” to society.

But there is a big difference between the “costs” of smoking and those of smoking bans: the former are made up and are indemonstrable attributions, those on smoking bans are tangible and measurable in hundreds of millions of dollars, lost jobs and much, much more. Tobacco-related statistics on mortality are a fraud; antitobacco-related financial disasters are not. It is as simple as that.

Take that reality and shove it, Tobacco Control, while we smoke – right in your face.



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